Steep is a blog about infusing alcohol with herbs, spices and lots of love!

PlanitMapper is a project born from my lifelong love of playing outside.

Thanks to the recognition and some prize money from MIX Santa Fe, the project is underway! BTY …  the project has already undergone a name change (it used to be called Betamapper).

It will be an outdoor adventure planning site and app. Users will be able to search our proprietary database on a map interface, select favorites points of interest and save their custom created maps.

Here is a link to the placeholder site where you can sign up for the beta launch and news updates:


the re-mindful store

some of the great designs in the re-mindful store:


I worked on this project as an Art Director and Editor. The original illustrations were created Gurusewak Khalsa (Seattle, WA), Jade Solis (Santa Fe, NM) and Mike Rohner (Santa Fe, NM). is the hub of the re-mindful world. I designed the site in Illustrator and my friend Dmitiry built it with WordPress.

This was the site for Home Sweet Home. It is no longer up and running. I provided the design and UI. The site was built with ROR by David Lowman (Santa Fe, NM)

Home Sweet Home

This was my card in my former life as a Real Estate Broker. Logo and layout created in Illustrator.

re-mindful app

The re-mindful app delivers a mindfulness related reminder, once-a-day at a random time. I like to think of it as a “design solution for the pace of modern life”.

It’s available on iTunes now.

Graphics and UI created in Illustrator. Build in IOS by Tyler White (Santa Fe, NM).